Nothing we can do in this life is more important than our communication - communion - with God.  Nothing.  That is why prayer is so critically important to our lives, and certainly no less important to the ministries God chooses to call us to, and empower us to do, by Holy Spirit living in us and through us.

I don't know about you, but I do know how much I need to have people praying for me.  "Prayer changes things" - first and foremost, it changes us. In order to minister to others and guide them in the process of spiritual transformation, I myself need to be undergoing a continual process of renewal and transformation.  

One way to be sure that is happening is to have as many people praying for me as possible. Do you pray? Do you believe in the kinds of ministries that God has called me to? Would you be interested in committing to pray specifically for me and for my family, and in so doing play a major role in the ministry God has called me to do?

If so, please send me a message and let me know!. If you'll simply type "prayer partner" in the subject line and list your first and last name, and contact information (mailing address, e-mail) in the text of the message, I will add you to the "Phil's Prayer Partners" (P3) list.

P3 members will receive specific e-mail updates and prayer requests from me, my family, and our ministries. In addition, if you 'like'/subscribe to me on Facebook (go to, you can receive updates there as well.  

All P3 members will also receive a special "prayer marble" that you can keep in your pocket, your purse, your desk, or wherever it is convenient as a reminder to pray not only for me but for all people for whom you pray.

Thank you so much for taking the time and making the commitment to pray for me. You'll find that prayer really does change things, and that the change begins with you. Blessings!