Friday, March 8, 2013

30 Days With Wesley: Eat It...Just Eat It...

Weird Al has nothing on the Scriptures.

Today I went before my denomination's District Ministerial Credentials Board, as I have to do every year until I am ordained (or, possibly, told "no way!").  My appointment time was 8:30 AM.  I was up at 5 AM, out the door before 6 AM, and eating Chick-Fil-A Chicken-Mini's before 7 AM (there is no better way to prepare for DMCB than Chick-Fil-A).

By 8:40 AM I was still sitting in the waiting area, and so I decided to use the time to dig into some of the morning prayer exercises from 30 Days With Wesley.  Each morning and easy the prayer journal utilizes the Lord's prayer.  I think today I was praying it more in the fashion of Psalm 23 (you know..."yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...).  Perhaps only those who have been through the process will see the humor in all of this.

Each morning also has an "optional" Scripture as I mentioned a few days ago.  I have found these the most useful things of all as I pray and seek God's guidance during these 30 days.  Today's was just one verse long, Jeremiah 15:16, which begins this way:

"When Your words came, I ate them."

We live in a world obsessed with consumerism.  Or at least, the Western world, anyway.  I grew up in such a culture and time (who doesn't automatically equate the "1980's" with "materialism," fair or not???).  And I have had to deal with the effects of that many times.  I am still too materialistic and consumeristic at times.

And so God says, "You want to consume something?  Consume this."

"When Your words came, I ate them.  They were my joy and my heart's delight, for I bear Your name, Lord God Almighty" (Jeremiah 15:16).

We listen.  We wait.  We pray.  We read.  We worship.  We commune with the body of Christ.

And then...

God speaks!

What do we do when God speaks?  When after all the waiting and agonizing and praying and worshiping and listening and communing...God, suddenly, speaks?

What do you do when God's words arrive on the scene?

Eat it.  Just eat it.


What do you think it means to eat God's words?  What implications does this have for life?  How can you be less consumed with the things of this world and more consumed with Jesus Christ?

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